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Battery Disconnect

A battery cut off switch allows you to shut the battery off to prevent unnecessary drain. Switch works great as an anti theft device too.

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  • Battery Disconnect


    Battery Master Switch

    Hella's Battery Master Switch is a common sight in many different race vehicles, in fact many racing divisions require a use of a battery shutoff switch. Straightforward, heavy-duty construction the switch is waterproof and UL approved for safety. Removable red key can be ordered separately, part number for key is HLA706729011

  • Battery Disconnect
    Painless Wiring

    $36.99 - $56.99

    Painless Wiring Master Disconnect Switch

    Keep all of those after marker accessories from draining your battery when not in use, with this master power cut off switch. It will cut off all battery power from your vehicle. A must have safety device for serious off road trucks and competition vehicles.

  • Battery Disconnect
    Painless Wiring

    $97.99 - $149.99

    Painless Wiring Remote Master Disconnect Kit

    This kit uses a 250 AMP solenoid and toggle switch. This switch can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle as a anti-theft deterrent by disconnecting the constant battery power from the battery to the fuse block.

  • Battery Disconnect


    Warn Power Interrupt Kit

    POWER INTERRUPT KIT Allows you to connect aftermarket accessories to a battery lead and then disconnect power from a dash mounted switch. Recommended for extra protection.

  • Battery Disconnect
    Mr. Gasket Company


    Mr. Gasket Battery Disconnect

    These disconnect switches are a great way to be assured that your vehicle is completely shut down for storage and is required by many racing sanctioning bodies for a safety shut down in case of an accident.

  • Battery Disconnect


  • Battery Disconnect
    Flaming River


    Flaming River Battery Disconnect

    Flaming River Battery Disconnect