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How to Turn Your ATV into a Functional Plow

Turn your ATV into a plow and you have the power of many hands and shovels at your fingertips. That’s clearly a useful thing for contending with carpets of heavy snow. But what about sunny day chores such as clearing away dirt, gravel, debris, or even trash? An ATV plow functions as a mini-bulldozer, and that’s a handy tool even when the sun is shining.

WARN, makers of WARN winches, produces a kit that converts your ATV into a fully functional plow. Called the ProVantage, the WARN ATV plow system involves four basic components plus a few optional add-ons. Here’s how to put together your ATV plow kit:

Select a mounting kit

First, you must select an ATV plow mounting kit. WARN offers a front mounting kit and a center mounting kit. There are pros and cons to each option. The front mounting kit is less cumbersome to use, because you don’t have to crawl under the ATV to install the plow blade. It mounts relatively easily and can be removed when you aren’t using the plow.

The center mounting kit attaches to the underside of the ATV and actually strengthens the frame of the vehicle. Since it remains there, you don’t have to worry about taking it on or off. You do, however, have to get underneath the ATV to install the plow blade. You can detach the plow blade using quick-release pins.

Both kits maintain your ATV’s ground clearance for maximum functionality.

Choose a compatible ATV plow base

The plow base and tube assembly link the mounting kit to the blade. Your choice of plow base will probably depend on the type of mounting kit you choose. WARN produces a center mount plow base and a front mount plow base, as well as bases for UTVs.

An optional feature to consider is the WARN Power Pivot (Part No. WAR79360). The Power Pivot eliminates the need for manual blade adjustments. Once the unit is installed and wired up, you can rotate your blade by pushing a button on your handlebars. Without the Power Pivot, you’d have to stop, get off the ATV, pull out a pin, realign the blade, and then replace the pin. That’s tedious work, particularly if you’re moving snow.

Pick an ATV plow blade

WARN makes a straight ATV plow blade and an angled one, called the Cyclone. The Cyclone is more curved than the standard blade, and so it does a better job of scooping snow off the ground and dropping it to the side. The straight plow blade clears effectively, but it pushes more than it scoops.

Decide on a lifting mechanism

You could lift your blade manually using the ProVantage Plow Lift, but many ATV owners prefer to use an ATV winch instead. You would need an adapter and some technical wiring skill to make this happen. Note that when your winch is being used to raise and lower your plow blade, it’s obviously not available for recovery operations.

WARN’s ATV plow kit is compatible with popular ATVs, including those made by Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha.