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PullzAll by WARN Winches Makes Tough Hauling and Lifting Jobs Easier

PullzAll by WARN winches is a portable utility winch with a line pull rating of 1,000 lbs. This reliable, electric winch absorbs the work of manual come-a-longs or chain falls in the shop, on the ranch, or at the worksite. Trust this convenient tool by WARN winches to make your moving and lifting jobs safer, easier, and less labor-intensive.

Specs for the PullzAll by WARN winches

The WARN PullzAll has 15’ of 7/32” wire rope, equipped with a safety hook plus a built-in, high-grade hawse fairlead. You can secure the PullzAll into place with the swiveling anchor that’s attached to its base.

AC or DC power: There are two versions of the PullzAll available. The more popular version is the 110V, AC-powered unit that’s ready to go as soon as you plug it in and secure it. If your jobs take you more than 15' from the nearest outlet, you’ll prefer the 24V, battery-powered PullzAll. Both units have the same general features and the 1,000-lb. line pull rating. With a full load, you can expect both WARN winches to pull at a speed of 8 feet per minute.

Two speeds: With two speed modes, the PullzAll can handle precision jobs as well as jobs that require sheer pulling or lifting power. The people who make WARN winches recommend using the variable-speed mode for precision work, like placing an engine. For long-distance pulling, switch the PullzAll to full-speed mode for maximum power. You can also power the wire rope in or out for more maneuverability.

Safety features: Warn Industries built several safety and wear-resistance features into the PullzAll. These include an electric load limiter and circuit breaker to keep the unit from overloading. The self-locking geartrain and dynamic braking system enhance control and minimize wear on the internal componentry.

Size and weight: The PullzAll by WARN winches weighs about 15 lbs. and measures 20" long by 12.50" wide by 13.25” high. A hook strap and manual are included in the box.

Warranty: WARN winches backs the PullzAll with a one-year limited warranty.

Projects for the PullzAll WARN winch

You can use the PullzAll for horizontal or vertical lifting, moving, and placing jobs. Common uses include moving engines and equipment, hauling or dragging tree stumps and foliage, and raising large pipes and beams.

About WARN winches

Warn Industries launched its first winch in 1959. That first unit, known simply as the WARN winch, would become the predecessor to a full line of WARN winches serving the off-road and industrial communities. Today, off-roaders and tradesmen have their choice of light-duty to heavy-duty WARN winches.

The PullzAll extends the WARN winch line into the compact, utility winch category. All WARN winches, including the PullzAll, have a reputation for being tough and reliable.