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WARN VR Series Winches: Durable and Value-Priced

Most of the time, in the off-road industry, you get what you pay for. A cheap price equates to cheap product, and the brands you trust always charge a premium. But every so often, a product will come around that bucks the system — giving you more far value than the price would imply. In 2011, that value-rich, off-road product offering is the VR Series of winches by Warn Industries.

WARN VR Series winches are being called “Entry-Level” winches, but this term describes the price point more than anything else. Strip away the bells and whistles, and the most important feature for any winch is durability under extreme conditions. Owning a winch that could break when it’s put to the test is the same as not owning a winch at all. On the other hand, a trusty winch pays for itself by rescuing your vehicle and letting you roam more confidently. Durability is a quality Warn has mastered across its product line, and the VR Series is no exception. So, call them “entry-level” if you must, but VR Series winches still have the only feature that truly matters to most winch owners.

VR Series winch line-up

The VR Series includes the following three product models.

  • WARN VR8000 (WAR86245): The VR8000 has a rated line pull capacity of 8,000 lb., so it’s a good option for lighter trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. This is a low-profile winch that measures approximately 21” long by 6.5” deep by 7” tall and weighs about 80 lb.
  • WARN VR10000 (WAR86255): The VR10000 has the same basic size and weight dimensions as the WARN VR8000, but it can handle loads of up to 10,000 lb.
  • WARN VR12000 (WAR86260): Slightly larger and heavier than the VR8000 and VR10000, the VR12000 winch has a rated line pull capacity of 12,000 lb. This is a value-rich choice for anyone who owns a heavy truck or wants that extra power for extreme situations.

All three VR Series winches are built with three-stage planetary geartrains, freespooling clutches, and automatic direct drive cone brakes. They also include a remote switch and 12’ lead, plus 94’ of wire rope and a roller fairlead. And, of course, VR Series winches are backed by Warn’s reputation and a limited lifetime warranty.

The best part is, you can buy a VR Series WARN winch for less than $500. At that price, nothing else compares to Warn. Check our specials deals page for any current discounts on WARN winches, including the VR Series.