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WARN Winches Product Spotlight: The WARN M8000 Winch

The WARN M8000 winch is a solid choice for truck, Jeep, or SUV owners who need a simple, reliable winch that can handle big jobs. M8000 winches are affordable, compact in size, and pack impressive pulling power. These WARN winches are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and the strong reputation of Warn Industries. All in all, the M8000 is an attractive option for weekend off-roaders.

WARN winch power profile

The M8000 is available in a 12V or 24V model. Both units attach to your vehicle’s battery with 2-gauge, 72” coated leads, which are included with the winch. (WARN recommends using at least a 650 CCA-rated battery for winching.) The 12V unit is powered with a 4.8-hp, series wound motor, and the 24V unit has a 2.1-hp, series wound motor.

The rated pulling capacity of the WARN M8000 winch is up to 8,000 lbs. This means it’s strong enough to drag a full-size truck or SUV out of mud, ice, sand, and almost any other type of rugged terrain you can find. The muscle behind that pulling power is the high-power motor, plus a 3-stage planetary gear train with a 216:1 gear ratio. Expect this motor and gear train combo to pull a rated load at up to 8 feet per minute.

The convenient, compact WARN winch

The compact size of these WARN winches is a feature many enthusiasts love. Weighing in at about 80 lbs. and measuring less than 2' long by 8" tall by 6.5" deep, the M8000 is a convenient addition to your off-road equipment set. With a 10" x 4.5" mounting bolt pattern, it mounts easily to most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs using a WARN or universal mounting plate. For added protection, you can also bolt a WARN grille guard tube to the mounting plate.

Additional specs on the WARN M8000 winch

The M8000 has a freespooling, sliding ring gear clutch and automatic direct drive cone brake. It’s powdercoated gray and comes with:

  • One hook strap
  • Your choice of 100' of 5/16" wire rope and roller fairlead, or 80' of 5/16" wire rope and hawse fairlead
  • 2-gauge, 72" coated leads

WARN winches stands behind the quality of the M8000 with a strong guarantee. Mechanical components are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee, and electrical components have a one-year guarantee. See the manufacturer website for further details.

Pricing on WARN winches

These WARN winches are affordable in their own right, which is why so many off-roaders love them. Be sure to check GoWarn’s special deals for discount WARN winches and shipping specials.

Popularity of WARN winches

Because Warn Industries has a reputation for producing reliable equipment, the brand has attracted a loyal following among off-roaders. The M8000 is one of the WARN’s most popular models, particularly among first-time winch buyers, because it delivers the right features at the right price.