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Transforming your Ride with the WARN TRANS4MER® Winch Mounting System

The WARN TRANS4MER winch mounting system is aptly named; it gives you the option to transform the setup of your WARN winch based on a number of configurations. This is what makes it the most versatile of any WARN winch mounting system. No matter what the application is, the WARN TRANS4MER will adjust to meet your needs.

WARN TRANS4MER Winch Mounting System Components (Sold Separately)

  • Grille Guard

    The only component that is required, the grille guard forms the base for all the other winch mounting components. It creates a strong center by bolting directly to the frame of the vehicle with two uprights and two crossbars.

  • Brush Guards

    Brush guards provide two added benefits: they protect the vehicle and they complement the lines of the vehicle, enhancing the style.

  • Winch Carrier

    Grey powder-coated steel winch carriers bolt to the grille guard to create a fixed winch mount.

  • SST Carrier Cover

    SST Carrier Covers create a sleek, uniform appearance by bolting over the winch carrier. Fairlead cover is included.

  • Front Receiver Bar

    The 2" Front Receiver Bar bolts to the grille guard for a portable winch mount. It will hold the Multi-Mount winch.

  • Light Mounting Brakets

    These Light Mounting Brackets are designed in an "L" shape so that lights can be mounted on the sides of the grille guard.

  • Light Mounting Bar

    The Light Mounting bar bolts to the grille guard and provides two mounting tabs for lights.